Seimitsu PSL-30N-5W2 5V Illuminated Screw In Arcade Button

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The Seimitsu PSL-30N-5W2 screw in arcade button is similar in function to the popular PS-14-KN but this button features a built in white 5V LED and once connected, this illuminates the surround of the button and gives a cool glow effect. This button is ideal for those customers that like to mod fight sticks or want to give their arcade project the wow factor.

Each button comes supplied with a fixing ring and a PSL-H cable for connection, that is approximately 500mm in length. One end of this cable has a white block connector, that pushes onto the underside of the button and the other end of the PSL-H cable has bare wires. The Seimitsu PSL-30N-5W2 button is available in a wide range of colours and mounts in a 30mm mounting hole.

Product Features:
* Built in 5V LED for a cool glow effect
* Choice of translucent button colours available
* Mounts in a 30mm mounting hole
* PSL-H cable included
* Perfect for fight stick modding
* Screw in type button

PSL-H Wiring:
Red Wire = LED Anode (+5V DC)
Black Wire = LED Cathode (COM)
Yellow Wire = Switch A (NO)
Green Wire = Switch B


  • 5
    Brilliant buttons

    Posted by Phillip Callaway on 29th Dec 2020

    For my second large themed arcade cabinet build I went for these more expensive buttons, due to the fact these have a less deep build due to the built in microswitch and led lighting.
    Connecting these was also a charm as I only needed to connect the specific cable for al functions (button + led). It saved a lot of space in the control panel and cabling. Furthermore by adding my own artwork I got a great end result.
    Not only the technical build for these was great but also the quality shows in the "feel"of these buttons. They are extremely pleasant to use . Brilliant and worth the price ! Will be my choice for my next themed system.

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    Pricey, but nice.

    Posted by GtBFilms on 20th Jun 2016

    I purchased a couple of the 'smoke' colour buttons, to replace a couple of uninspiring buttons on my picade. The wiring instruction on this site are all you need, I simply wired the button power lines in parallel to the power lines of a cannibalised USB cable (red to red, black to black) the switch A and switch B lines were connected to my picade board. The button look very classy, with bezel illuminated and the button unlit. A more subtle effect than a full illuminated button, so ideal for smaller cabinets. The connector on the back of the button just snaps on, very simple. The buttons are secured with a screw ring mechanism, so very easy to install/swap. Tempted to get another six for the actual game play buttons, but the price of these is a it high compared to plain buttons, or even fully illuminated ones, so perhaps best for special function buttons unless you have a plentiful budget.

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