Seimitsu MM9-4 Microswitch With 2.8mm Terminals

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This momentary microswitch from Seimitsu is ideal for replacing worn out microswitches in your Seimitsu buttons. You can save some money by just replacing the microswitch instead of replacing the complete button. This microswitch has .110 inch (2.8 mm) contacts. Replacing the microswitch on your Seimitsu button is very straight forward. Remove the plunger from the button first of all, then simply hold the button in one hand and using the other hand, gently push the black plastic lugs inwards on the side of the microswitch. With the lugs depressed, push the microswitch upwards and it can be removed from the body of the button. To fit the new Seimitsu MM9-4 microswitch, simply insert into the top of the button and push down till it clicks into place.

This microswitch is compatible with the following Seimitsu buttons:

*This microswitch will NOT fit the PS-14-K Seimitsu buttons

Product Features:
*Genuine Seimitsu microswitch
*Save money by replacing only the microswitch for worn out buttons
*2.8 mm (.110 inch) terminals
*Will fit 4 models of Seimitsu buttons
*Very easy to fit

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