Seimitsu JB-35-T Arcade Button With 2.8mm MM9-3 Microswitch

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The Seimitsu JB-35-T arcade button is a square shaped momentary push button that is usually used for Mahjong arcade machines, but is also a good choice for various projects including jukebox, museum exhibition, academic or commercial. This is a snap in type button and features a microswitch with 2.8mm terminals. The JB-35-T button can be mounted in material with a thickness of up to 1.9mm and requires a mounting hole of 13.2mm x 12.2mm. Please refer to datasheet for more measurements.

Product features:
* Ideal for various commercial and academic projects.
* 2.8mm MM9-3 microswitch
* Good choice for jukebox projects
* High quality square shaped button
* Choice of colours
* Japanese import - Seimitsu branded 

Button Mounting:
Mounting hole required for this button is 13.2mm x 12.2mm and it requires shallow mounting in a material of up to 1.9mm. A thin sheet of plexi or similar material would be laid over the top of a control panel once the button has been mounted. This method secures the button in place and stops the plunger of the button from being removed.

Wiring Information:
This button requires 2.8mm crimped wires for microswitch connection
1 wire for ground connection (CO) and 1 wire for signal connection (NO)
Pre-crimped wires and daisy chain ground harness can be ordered here:
Wires & Cables

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