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SCAN.DL VGA Scanline Generator

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30 Grams
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  • 5
    scan line

    Posted by daniel cortes on 22nd Oct 2018

    gives a very picture like if you were using a arcade monitor

  • 4
    Makes proper looking scanlines.

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Dec 2016

    I am not a die hard scanline guy who simply has to have scanlines in order to play a game but I do appreciate they bring a certain air of authenticity to a game and after I changed my dead CRT out for a LCD I decided to give this little generator a go as all the emulated/software ones I had tried just didnt look right to me and there was obvious variations between games/Emus.

    Now as I said above I am not a die hard scanline guy but the results this give I think are good, They look much better than the emulated ones and are consistent. I still have to use Emulated ones on ZSNES and Gens but this is due to the way the Emulators handle full screen resolutions and not the generator itself.
    It works flawlessly with my Mame, CPS1 & 2, Neo Geo and M2 emulators though. I cant comment how compareable they are to a real CRT playing a game as I no longer own one but I am happy with the results.

    Installing is a doddle with it being plug and play, I had to order 2x adapter cables because both my monitor and PC are DVI not VGA but it worked fine with them.
    After installing it I was wondering if something was wrong as when I powered up the PC I had no signal to the monitor, But once the PC had booted to Windows it came on ok. It just seems to take a while to get going.
    I would of liked a tiny bit more adjustment over the intensity but thats a minor point really.
    The only other very minor point of note is the V Sync dip switch is labled as "S" Not "V" as stated in the instructions.