QanBa Q4 RAF 2-In-1 Arcade Fighting Stick - PS3/PC

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The Qanba Q4 RAF 2 in 1 fighting stick is compatible with PlayStation 3 and PC out of the box and features high quality Sanwa buttons and a Sanwa joystick for reliability and accuracy. The Q4 RAF 2 in 1 also has anti slip padding on the base of the fight stick and features a 3.5mm headphone port.

Please Note: This fight stick is NOT compatible with PS4 (PS3 only) but you could connect to PS4 if you use a Brook adapter (sold separately)

Product Features:
* Precise, Accurate Sanwa Denshi Buttons and Joystick.
* Compatible with PlayStation 3 and PC.
* X-input and Direct Input Drivers.
* Anti-Slip Padding.
* 3.5mm Headphone Port.

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