QanBa Q1-W Wired/Wireless 2-In-1 Arcade Fighting Stick - PS3/PC

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The Qanba Q1-W is compatible with PS3 and PC and can be connected wired/wireless. There is a switch on top of the fight stick to allow you to choose how you prefer to connect. Each Qanba Q1-W features an 8 button layout with joystick and also has Turbo and Mode buttons. The buttons and joystick are NOT Sanwa branded but this would make an ideal entry level fight stick for anyone looking to make the switch from a pad to a fight stick.

Product Features:
* Wired/Wireless: PC D-input/PC X-input
* LED indicators
* 8 x 30mm arcade buttons
* Curved button layout
* Square restrictor gate
* Turbo & Mode buttons

Please Note:
Warranty Information
The Sony licensed Qanba products purchased through us have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.
All other Qanba products have a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase.

Modifying | Modifications to your Qanba | Warranty void
Any modification to your Qanba fight stick immediately voids your warranty (changing buttons, joysticks and any interior components).
Customers that modify their Qanba fight stick are assuming all responsibility of possible malfunctions and understand that the warranty will be void and surrender the option of returning their fight stick or receiving any additional support.

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