QanBa 8 Button Clear Plexi For Q3 Obsidian

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The QanBa Q3 Obsidian 8 button clear plexi is the perfect solution for those customers who want to mod their QanBa Q3 Obsidian fight stick and add their own artwork to make it unique. To install the QanBa Q3 Obsidian 8 button plexi, simply remove the screws on the QanBa Q3 Obsidian fight stick that hold the stock plexi in place, then remove the joystick and buttons from the fight stick. Once the parts have been removed, you can then place your own artwork on the top of the QanBa Q3 Obsidian and then place the QanBa Q3 Obsidian 8 button plexi on top of the artwork. All you then have to do is re-install the joystick and buttons to complete your modded QanBa Q3 Obsidian fight stick.

*Please Note:
There is a protective film on both sides of the plexi.
This is to help prevent scratching/damage during transit.
To remove this, simply peel back the protective film from one of the corners and remove from both sides prior to use.

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