Long Shaft Arcade Joystick With UK Flag Ball Top Handle

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This long shaft arcade joystick is 2/4/8 way adjustable and features a unique UK Flag design ball top handle and is ideal for arcade machine and JAMMA machine projects. Give your arcade project the wow factor with these funky looking joysticks!

Each joystick comes complete with a 35mm ball top handle with UK Flag design and features a 4cm long shaft and a plastic restrictor gate on the bottom, which can be set for 2, 4 or 8 way movement, by simply undoing the screws and moving the restrictor into the required position.

Product Features:
* Cool looking UK Flag design ball top handle
* Long shaft 4cm height
* 2/4/8 way adjustable
* 35mm diameter handle

Mounting Plate Length: 9.8cm
Mounting Plate Width: 6.5cm
Height of Joystick Shaft: 4cm

Wiring Info:
This joystick is fitted with 4 x Microswitches with 4.8mm terminals.
Each microswitch will require 1 x 4.8mm crimped wire for ground connection and 1 x 4.8mm crimped wire for signal connection.

These wires can be purchased separately here:
Wires & Cables

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