Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Seimitsu LS-32-01-MS-E Arcade Joystick

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This limited edition 40th anniversary joystick is being manufactured to celebrate the 40 years of business for Seimitsu Co in Japan. Seimitsu have been manufacturing high quality arcade parts for many years and one of their very first products was an arcade joystick with metal plate, which was commissioned by Taito in Japan many years ago. Seimitsu continue to manufacture high quality arcade components all these years later and this limited edition LS-32-01-MS-E commemorates 40 years in business for Seimitsu Co in Japan.

The limited edition 40th anniversary joystick will be manufactured in a limited quantity and when they are sold out, there will be no more, so now is your chance to own an exclusive LS-32-01-MS-E arcade joystick. Each joystick will be supplied in a 40th anniversary box and will include a 40th anniversary sticker, Seimitsu logo sticker and 3 x shafts in various lengths in a cool looking gold colour. There will also be 2 different springs included in the box and the ball top handle will also feature the 40th anniversary logo.

We expect to receive these early December, so customers who pre-order will be guaranteed to receive their exclusive product. By ordering this, you are agreeing to pre-order this product and are happy to wait for us to receive these from Japan in early December 2020.

Please Note:
The product photos on this page are only the prototype right now from Seimitsu and the finished product will feature an MS mounting plate for Vewlix mount and anniversary logo on the ball top handle (not shown in the photo)

What's Included:
* Limited Edition LS-32-01-MS-E joystick
* Ball top handle with anniversary logo
* 3 Types of gold coloured shafts (-4mm, +4mm and +8mm)
* Round Main Guide ONLY (NO Sub Guide)
* Extra E Ring
* 2 x Dust Covers (1 extra)
* 40th anniversary sticker
* Seimitsu logo sticker
* 40th anniversary box

Product Features
* 40th anniversary LS-32-01-MS-E joystick
* Anniversary logo on the ball top handle
* Gold coloured shafts included
* Uses E ring and NOT C clip
* 40th anniversary sticker and Seimitsu sticker included
* Nicely presented in a 40th anniversary box


  • 5

    Posted by David wheeler on 24th May 2022

    Very nice stick comes with extra shafts for the right hight and 3 springs loving the light spring, if your mounting this to a vewlix cab you will have to pull the sticker off the mounting plate to get at the screws to remove the mounting plate to fit the new vewlix mounting plate you have to but this separate.

    Great stick would recommend it

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jun 2021

    I watched reviews on UT.Wanted to go for Sanwa but ended at Seimitsu as this Lim Ed had different springs (3) and 4 different length Shafts.As this is my first joystick i thoght it would be a good idea to figure out what i like. Weirdly the 5pin cable didnt work. it just worked in one direction even when i connected everything to ground. I ended up soldering cables to every pin and connected those to my controller board. As through BreXshit it took over 3 week to arrive in germany so i didnt wanted to send them back 3 weeks and wait another 3 to get another one. However it works great now. I just miss the restrictor plate which should be included in a Lim Edition Joystick.

  • 5
    40th Anniversary Seimitsu

    Posted by Oliver Suwito on 3rd Jan 2021

    This is the ultimate arcade stick. 4 different shaft lengths give you the opportunity to make your cab or Joystick perfect. This was the item I needed. I don't care if the faceplate will be hidden. It's the golden shaft that makes my arcade unique.
    I bought 4 of these.
    I would buy it anytine again, thanks Seimitsu.

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