KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus Octagonal Restrictor Gate

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PLEASE NOTE: The KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus is not compatible with the Hayabusa Silent Optical joystick, as it is constructed differently. The KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus is not designed for the Sanwa JLF, Seimitsu LS, Crown, Suzo Happ, IL, or other joystick - it is designed specifically for the original Hori Hayabusa joystick.

At the moment, Hori - manufacturers of the popular Hori Hayabusa Joystick - have not indicated plans to offer an octagonal restrictor plate. Kowal, well known for the Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series Joystick, Flat Plate Converter and Japan S Plate Converter, took the challenge to design an integrated solution that could be manufactured and installed easily, called the "Hayabusa Octopus".

New Features:
* The new KOWAL Octopus is made of a durable nylon plastic. It is moulded into an attractive shape that greatly compliments the Hayabusa's construction.
* Octopus' internal gate is several millimetres deeper than the acrylic model. Most importantly, it is bevelled inward to best accommodate the tilt of your joystick shaft. For those who to like to ride the gate hard, this approach greatly reduces wear and tear of the actuator over the previous model.
* The underside of the gate is recessed around the centre. This was designed specifically to fit the Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series Joystick, which is also compatible with the Hayabusa.

Smooth Around The Corners:
Inspired by the Seimitsu LS 56 Octagonal Restrictor Plate, the KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus factors both rotation and diagonal range that is lost in the Sanwa GT-Y's Octagonal gate. This standard creates two contact points on each corner of the gate, creating a small gap between actuator and the gate. The actuator never fully rests on the corner of the GT-Y. The Octopus is instead designed to have a large, single contact point on the rounded corner - the actuator rests directly in this corner. Not only does this design provide you with a smoother rotation when performing circular motions, but also provides a greater diagonal range.

Add Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator For Shorter Throw:
One of the benefits of the Hori Hayabusa joystick lever is its ability to accept mods normally compatible with Sanwa JLF. Many have installed the Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series Joystick to their stock Hayabusa gate, though rounding on the wide edge of the actuator is required to use properly with that gate.

With the 1mm oversize actuator and Octopus installed together, you can actually retain the diagonal and rotational benefits of the Octopus while shortening your throw and without needing to round the actuator's edge.

Kowal Origins:
Kowal is the name of a well-respected member on forums and elsewhere in the arcade community. He has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of many control devices. With his permission, we introduce the KOWAL™ brand of performance solutions that highlight accuracy and compatibility above all else.


  • 5
    Octo gate

    Posted by Mikhail on 9th Aug 2022

    Great quality

  • 5
    Must have item to Hori Hayabusa

    Posted by Unai on 21st Apr 2022

    This item is mus have to Hori Hayabusa it´s time to change the square gate to octupus octogonal gate. You can improve better moves as super mover or better combos this essential in your Hori Hayabusa

  • 5
    Feels good

    Posted by Tom on 22nd May 2021

    Got one of these after getting an octagonal gate for my JLF. Feels good.

  • 5
    Great gate for Hori RAP4

    Posted by Lee on 18th Jan 2021

    Fits perfectly to my Hori RAP4 stock hayabusa lever. An essential tool for more accurate inputs. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Solid part, wonderful fit

    Posted by Puhska on 26th Jul 2020

    Fit nicely into my RAP 4, felt almost too easy to install. Very worth it for easier 8 way movement.

  • 5
    Works wonders

    Posted by Onur C on 1st Jul 2020

    Bought coupled with KOWAL™ 1mm Nylon Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series Joysticks, the gate itself was really easy to install. The actuator was a bit tricky but it was my first time modding a fight stick.

    Been using both in my Hori RAP Tekken 7 Edition for just shy of a month, they really changed the feel. Certainly recommended if you are curious about octagonal gates.

  • 5

    Posted by Johan on 28th Oct 2018

    Works great on my hori rap haybusa stick, this is a must since the stock gate is squared compared to the circular gate this one provides.

  • 4
    Easy to install

    Posted by Pedro on 8th Oct 2018

    It's really easy to install and improved my gameplay - can't get used to the square plate. However, I feel that the travel distance to the edges is longer. I may get a bigger rubber in future.

  • 2
    A bit too small

    Posted by Jarek on 24th Apr 2018

    Not a huge fan. I've had previous experience with octo gates on sanwa sticks and this one is a bit too small. let me elaborate:

    The limit of corner movements (bottom-left for example) is extremely close to the switch activation point. Basically you have to push your lever all the way to the "corner" for the move to register. For me personally it proved to be extremely difficult when doing quick QCF's. Switched back to square even though i definitely prefer octo gates and it fixed the issue.

    I also feel that the smooth corners don't feel "restricting" enough. It feels too round for my liking.

    Anyways, these are my 2 cents. Hope that helps

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