KDiT Bi-Colour Bat Top Handle

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This bi-colour bat top handle is available in 3 striking colour options, features a cool two toned design and is the perfect compliment for Sanwa or Seimitsu joysticks. KDiT bi-colour bat top handle is compatible with the popular Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu LS series of joysticks. The metal thread inside each handle is hollow, which is ideal for those customers that want to add a light source such as an LED, which will allow the light to shine through the bat top, to produce a stunning glow effect.

Colours Available:

The bi-colour bat top handle will fit the following joysticks:-
Sanwa JLF Series of joysticks (Including the Sanwa silent joystick)
Sanwa JLW-TM-8
Seimitsu LS Series of joysticks 

*Please note:
This will NOT fit the Sanwa JLW-UM-8 joystick as this has a thicker diameter shaft.

Product Features:
* Striking two toned design
* No visible manufacturing seem
* Hollow thread
* Ideal for adding your own light source
* Compatible with a wide range of joysticks (See above)
* 3 delicious colour options

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