IL Mini Front Plate Assembly with Mechanical Coin Mech For £1 Coin

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This high quality IL front plate assembly comes supplied with a 3.5 Inch mechanical coin mech attached, which accepts the NEW 12 sided £1 coin and also features a coin reject button on the front. This product is versatile, easy to install and is suitable for a wide variety of uses, including commercial and academic projects.

This IL front plate with coin mech is unique and robust and can be mounted on left or right openings. The included mechanical coin mech accepts the NEW 12 sided £1 coin (March 2017 onwards) ONLY and is manufactured from high quality material for optimal functionality and durability. When a coin passes through the mech, it is checked for thickness, diameter, weight and metal content. This product is a good choice for anyone needing to add a coin mech to their commercial or academic project.

Product Dimensions:
Please refer to datasheet thumbnail image above.

Suitable Applications:
This mini front plate with mechanical mech is suitable for a wide range of applications:
* Photo copying machines
* Arcade machines
* Children's play machines
* Washing machines
* Foosball Tables
* Car wash machines
* Various commercial/academic projects

Product features:
* High quality IL front plate and coin mech
* 3.5 Inch mechanical coin mech included
* Coin mech accepts the NEW 12 sided £1 coin (March 2017 onwards)
* Reject button on the front plate
* Good choice for all in one solution
* Ideal for various commercial and academic projects

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