I-PAC 4 And Wiring Kit

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This I-PAC4 and wiring kit is ideal for those customers who are building a 4 player arcade machine. The I-PAC4 board has 56 inputs, so you can connect up to 4 joysticks and 40 arcade buttons. There is no soldering required when using this kit and you just simply screw the pre-crimped wires into the screw terminals on the I-PAC4 board.

Connect the crimped ends of the 1 Metre long wires to the NO (Normally Open) microswitch terminals on your joysticks and buttons, strip a small section of the plastic coating off the other end of the wires and simply screw these into the corresponding screw terminals on the I-PAC4 board. Then connect the daisy chain ground harness to the COM (Common Ground) microswitch terminals on your joysticks and buttons.

If you have any spare ground connections left, you can either cut these off, or use them for extra span to help the daisy chain harness reach the ground terminal on the I-PAC4 board. Once this is complete, plug your board into your PC and once it has been recognized, you are ready to go.

Crimp sizes:
2.8mm - This size crimp is mainly used for Sanwa & Seimitsu buttons.

4.8mm - This size crimp is mainly used for standard arcade buttons E.g. Happ, IL & Classic buttons

What's included?
1 x I-PAC 4 Keyboard Encoder
1 x Pack Of 4 PCB Feet

2 x Insulated Daisy Chain Harness With 32 Crimp Connections
56 x 1 Metre Long Insulated Crimped Wires

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