Hori Hayabusa HHS-032 Arcade Joystick

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The Hori Hayabusa is a high quality joystick which is manufactured by Hori in Japan. The Hori Hayabusa joystick is viewed by many to be on a par with a Sanwa JLF series arcade joystick, whilst other opinions rate these to be better than the Sanwa JLF series of joysticks. Each Hori Hayabusa joystick comes complete with a black ball top handle and a black dust cover/shaft cover set.

This joystick is very responsive, which translates to faster and more accurate inputs during gameplay and also features a unique wiring setup, which connects the 4 individual microswitches to the main PCB. Each microswitch can easily be removed, which is ideal for those customers that like to modify or try out alternative microswitches, such as the Cherry D44X or Sanwa MS-0-3 for a different feel.

Product Features:
* Very responsive due to the smaller contact point between the shaft and base
* High quality joystick to rival or surpass Sanwa JLF series of Joysticks
* Unique wiring that connects the individual microswitches to the PCB
* Each microswitch can be removed - ideal for modding and trying alternative microswitches
* Square restrictor gate

Wiring And Connecting The Joystick:
The Hori Hayabusa joystick requires a 5 pin cable for connection. A cable can be selected at the time of order if required. For any customer who already has a JLF-H 5 pin cable, this can be used to connect the Hori Hayabusa and no other cable would be required.


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    Hayabusa: Best mix of modding.

    Posted by Dakem on 17th May 2017

    IMHO the Hayabusa is one of the best stick ever.
    Why? Because is so easy to change pieces.
    Unlike Sanwa, which has the microswitches (Omron) connected to the PCB, change the microswitches on the Hori Hayabusa is extremely easy.
    Only few minutes of soldering and... it's done.
    It have also less friction than Sanwa Stick.
    My Hori Hayabusa has:
    2 Lb Tension Spring
    Kowal 1mm Actuator
    Kowal Octopus Octagonal Restrictor Gate
    and Cherry D44X Microswitches which make it less "clicky".
    It's really ideal for modding in every detail your Stick.

    Sorry my bad English

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    Great Alternate to the Sanwa JLF

    Posted by Manny D. on 19th Nov 2016

    The Hori Hayabusa is a great alternative to the Sanwa JLF. In terms of feel, it has a more open and loose feel in my opinion due to the somewhat larger throw/engage, whereas the JLF felt tighter and more compact. I wanted to try the Hayabusa due to being unable to dash consistently with my JLF, it just felt like it required too much effort to constantly tap and release the stick; especially towards the left. The Hayabusa however allows me to dash easily without having to release the stick as much/as far, making the Hayabusa much more comfortable for dashing and tapping movements. One minor gripe however is that the Hayabusa is somewhat louder than the JLF and it might just be my model but it squeaks a bit also, other than that the stick is fine.

    Overall if you're looking for a Japanese style joystick that isn't Sanwa or Seimitsu i'd definitely recommend the Hori Hayabusa.

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    Nice Stick

    Posted by Andrey on 14th Jul 2016

    Changed it from Sanwa for madcatz TE2. Its a bit louder, which is not a big deal. Feels a bit more "snappy", hard to explain better. Got used to it in couple of hours.

  • 2
    POOR Quality

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jun 2016

    Compare to Sanwa JLF, this feel very not mention the price. (for me sanwa + omron + kowal actuator + stock spring + stock gate = best ....)

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    Great Stick for any one wanting to Upgrade

    Posted by Jimbo on 17th Mar 2016

    to start of when I 1st got this stick I was thinking to my self why did i even buy it I had a perfectly fine Sanwa JLF stick in my TE2 but something in side me was just wanting to try out the HORI HAYABUSA. and when I had got it installed and tried it out it was in my own words the best stick I have had in long time and that's coming from someone that's used Sanwa for a hell Long Time. So for anyone wanting a new stick to Upgrade there Old one then this is the Stick for You.

  • 4
    A change from sanwa.

    Posted by Domihy on 14th Aug 2015

    Great stick , firm and precise in movements , great for any arcade stick modds and a straight exchange in most arcade sticks

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    Not bad at all.

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Aug 2015

    Great quality stick. I prefer this to the stock Sanwa JLF that comes inside most Madcatz TE or Qanba arcade sticks. It feels like it has a smaller dead zone than the Sanwa.
    The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 is because it was a pain to get inside my Qanba Q4RAF. The mounting plate is a lot larger than the Sanwa. To get the thing in I had to remove bottom left button, then put the stick in and then pop the button back in. It bends up the JLF connector, but the button plunger still works. Also another note I use stock sanwa buttons, so if you're using other branded buttons this workaround might not work if a lager clearance is required.
    Final note I'm not sure if the restrictor gate can be changed either.

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