Hitbox Conversion Kit for QANBA Obsidian

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The Hitbox conversion set for QANBA Obsidian is ideal for those customers who want to convert their QANBA Obsidian fight stick into a Hitbox. Each conversion kit includes a pre-drilled plexi sheet and a pre-drilled metal plate. These feature 11 x 24mm diameter button holes and 1 x 30mm button hole.

*Please Note:
To connect the buttons that will replace your joystick in your Obsidian, you will require the Crown Conversion Harness

What's Included:
1 x Plexi sheet (pre-drilled with 11 x 24mm holes and 1 x 30mm hole)
1 x Metal plate (pre-drilled with 11 x 24mm holes and 1 x 30mm hole)

Installation of the plexi & metal base plate is easy.
Step 1: Simply remove the joystick and buttons from your Obsidian.
Step 2: Remove the plexi and metal plate.
Step 3: Please Note: You WILL need to file away some of the plastic housing directly underneath the metal panel where the 30mm button will mount.
Step 4: Replace with the new Hitbox plate and plexi.
Step 5: Install new buttons (11 x 24mm and 1 x 30mm)

*Please Note:
There is a protective film on both sides of the plexi. This is to help prevent scratching/damage during transit. To remove this, simply peel it up from one of the corners and remove from both sides.

Compatible Buttons:
You will require 11 x 24mm buttons and 1 x 30mm button for the Hitbox conversion

Suggested buttons:
24mm (11 x 24mm buttons required)
Sanwa OBSF-24
Sanwa OBSC-24C
Sanwa OBSF-24-AU
Sanwa OBSF-24-AG

30mm (1 x 30mm button required)
Sanwa OBSF-30
Sanwa OBSC-30-C
Sanwa OBSFS-30
Sanwa OBSFE-30

What is a Hitbox controller?
Hitbox controllers are similar to fightsticks, but they use all buttons instead of a joystick. It is a stick-less controller.

Using a Hitbox
The best way is to think of this as a keyboard. For anyone that has played fighting games on a PC using a keyboard, this will seem quite easy to do, whilst other people may find this a bit more challenging at first and it may take a bit of practice to get used to playing games without a joystick. A combination of fingers will execute moves during gameplay quicker. The biggest advantage of a hitbox is speed and accuracy, compared to a normal fightstick. Another advantage would be less wrist movement required, compared to using a joystick.


  • 5
    Fantastic kit!

    Posted by Corey on 3rd Jul 2021

    This kit is great, it's a perfect fit into my Obsidian. I live in the United States and this is currently the only hitbox conversion kit available. It is very much worth while!

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