D44X Cherry Button Microswitch With 4.8mm Terminals

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This D44X microswitch for arcade buttons is manufactured by Cherry, who are renowned for high quality and reliability. As the saying goes "You Get What You Pay For" - This is definitely true for this Cherry microswitch.

Each Cherry microswitch features a soft click and low actuation force, which is highly noticable when compared to arcade buttons fitted with alternative microswitches, that are not Cherry branded.

This D44X Cherry microswitch has 4.8mm terminals and is an ideal replacement if you are looking to breathe new life into your existing arcade buttons.

If you are looking for high quality Cherry microswitches with a soft click for your arcade project, then look no further.

Product Features:
* High Quality
* Cherry Branded
* Soft Click
* Low Actuation Force
* 4.8mm Terminals
* Superior Microswitch

Product Specifications:
Electrical Rating
10(3)A. 250V~ 5E4
10A. 1/2HP. 125/250VAC

Pre-Travel - 1.2mm MAX
Overtravel - 1.3mm MIN
Movement Diff - 0.3mm MAX
Operating Force - 75cN MAX
Release Force - 22cN MIN


  • 4
    Great switch, probably too soft for a stick, suggested for silent setups.

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Aug 2017

    I used these switches on a Hori Hayabusa.
    The switch itself is great quality, however provides minimal feedback and has a soft click.
    If you need to make your stick less noisy this is a great choice, however the lack of feedback will probably need some getting used to.

  • 5
    Worth the few extra pence!

    Posted by Jason on 24th Jun 2017

    I needed some additional switches and took a chance from previous reviews to change all the player buttons to the cherry switches.
    What a big difference!, you can feel it in the raw form pressing the switch how much better they are than generic other swiches in the ease to press and they are quieter although microswitches in general give that distinctive click.
    Highly recommend for player buttons, not so much menu controls, 1up etc as you can recycle your old ones for that.

  • 5
    The best switches money can buy

    Posted by Andy Haywood on 9th Jun 2017

    I'm in the process of updating my X-Arcade; buttons and switches done, joysticks still to do. The improvement I've already seen just from swapping from stock to Cherry micro-switches is MASSIVE, they're super-responsive, with a very nice, soft action and feel.

    Worth every penny, recommended without hesitation!

  • 5
    Fab switches - worth the money

    Posted by Steve on 17th May 2017

    Really responsive (and with the classic Cherry click) microswitches.

    Not the cheapest, but considering how much use they'll be getting worth the extra little bit of cash.

  • 5
    Worth spending a few pence more on these

    Posted by Mem on 17th Aug 2016

    These are solid excellent quality switches - worth spending the little extra to get these.

  • 5
    Worth paying a little extra for!

    Posted by GtBFilms on 1st Aug 2016

    I originally built my bartop cab from a kit, with all the components included, however when recently rewiring it all, I decided to take the opportunity to replace the 6 player 1 and 6 player 2 switches, as the original ones required a bit too much force to use comfortably for long periods of time on rapid fire shooters.

    The difference between these Cherry switches and the originals is like chalk and cheese, the buttons now have a much more 'quality-feel' to them - even though the buttons are the same, it's just the switches I replaced - they can be used for long periods without the dreaded 'gamers finger' repetitive strain injury!

    I'm really glad I chose to replace my switches with these, although for infrequently used switched (P1 start, P2 start, insert coin) the cheaper switches are probably just as good. On the frequently used buttons though, these are worth paying a little extra for.

  • 5
    Super nice switches!

    Posted by Matt on 29th Apr 2016

    I bought these as I felt my current microswitches were a "little loud and stiff". I ordered six of these to update players 1's buttons and just to see if these made much difference before ordering the rest (as they are not the cheapest switches).

    I've got to say WOW, these are soooo much nicer than what I had fitted.

    Nice and quiet with a light action.

    Will be ordering the rest ASAP as I'm now converted to using only these.


  • 5
    The best microswitch for Joysticks

    Posted by Tibor on 3rd May 2014

    These cherryswitches are as sweet as a cherry;-)
    I am using 'em in my Hori Tekken 6 wireless fight stick mods in combination with sanwa octa-gates and an LS-32 Seimitsu springs.

    I never, ever had a better joystick!

    Best switches ever!!!

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