Crown Hollow Conversion Shaft for Crown Arcade Joysticks

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The Crown conversion shaft is the perfect choice for those customers who want to add a ball top handle to their Crown joystick. The handles on the Crown joysticks are permanently fixed, so can’t be removed. This limits the choice of handle and colour options that a customer can use. This is where the Crown conversion shaft comes into play!

By swapping out the default shaft on a Crown joystick and replacing with the Crown conversion shaft, you will be able to use a wide range of handles with your Crown joystick. This gives customers a great choice of colours, which we know is important when modding joysticks and choosing colour schemes for fight sticks.

The Crown conversion shaft has a 3mm drilled body, which has the added benefit of being able to run a wire up through the shaft if you want to add light effect or illuminate a translucent handle with hollow thread! The diameter of the Crown conversion shaft is exactly the same as the original shaft on the Crown joysticks, so the joystick will not loose any performance with the conversion shaft fitted. The height of the conversion shaft is approximately 79mm, the same distance from the mounting plate to start of the thread on the shaft of a Sanwa JLF series joystick.

* Add a different style/colour handle to your joystick
* Drilled shaft – allows illumination options for modding
* Same diameter as original shaft – no loss of performance

Installing the Crown conversion shaft is a breeze and should only take a couple of minutes.
To remove the default shaft on a Crown joystick, simply follow the steps below.

1/ Using a small flat head screwdriver, gently prize off the C clip on the bottom of the joystick. Be careful not to lose this C Clip, sometimes they can fly across the room!
2/ When the C clip has been removed, lift the joystick shaft/handle upwards.
3/ With the original shaft/handle removed, insert the conversion shaft.
4/ Replace the C Clip. This is sometimes easier with the joystick upside down (shaft resting on a solid surface. Push down slightly, so the shaft appears out of the plastic actuator and push the C clip back on. If you struggle with replacing the C clip, try using a pair of long nose pliers to gently snap this back into place.

With the Crown conversion shaft fitted, you can now choose from a wide selection of handles in various colours and you are no longer limited to the default Crown handle.

Compatible handles can be purchased here:
Joystick Handles


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    Attach any battop or balltop to a korean Crown stick.

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Aug 2017

    I used this shaft on a 309MJ with a Sanwa battop.
    This shaft is great if you want to use a non default battop or balltop, it is also hollow which allows for LED mods.
    It provides the closest possible to the shape/size of the original Crown shaft/battop when using a Sanwa battop. There is however a difference in how it feels.
    With the Sanwa battop attached, the stick is about 1mm shorter but is also significantly lighter.

    If you want to match the lever to your custom fightstick, this is a great option (but probably also the only one).
    Depending on your preference this could be a great performance improvement as it will make the lever faster and more springy.

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