Classic Arcade Joysticks Buttons And Arcade Controller Kit No2

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This kit has all the parts you need to complete a 2 player arcade control panel set-up. The buttons in this kit are classic concave arcade buttons with standard microswitches and will mount in a 28mm mounting hole. The long shaft joysticks come with red ball top handles by default and are 2, 4 & 8 way adjustable. The pre-crimped harness included with this kit all have 4.8mm female connectors, which will allow you to connect your buttons and joysticks to the Xin-Mo Arcade Controller board with ease (no soldering required).

Information about the Arcade Controller:
The Xin-Mo Arcade Controller board supports 2 x joysticks & 22 x arcade buttons. The PCB has 10 button inputs per player, with the addition of 2 extra inputs on the player 1 side. These extra inputs can be used as start buttons etc. The Xin-Mo Arcade Controller board is simply plug 'n' play and will work with Windows/Linux. Once the board has been connected to your computer it will be recognised as a game controller. This can then be easily configured to work with MAME.

What's included in the kit?
2 x Red Long Shaft Ball Top Arcade Joysticks

20 x Classic Arcade Buttons
(5 x Black - 3 x Blue - 3 x Green - 3 x Red - 3 x White - 3 x Yellow)
1 + 2 Classic Arcade Start Buttons
22 x Fixing rings
22 x Chen Xiao Button Microswitch With 4.8mm Terminals

1 x Xin-Mo 2 Player Arcade Controller Interface - PC And PS3
1 x Wiring harness for arcade controller
1 x USB cable
4 x PCB Feet


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    An average kit with a couple of issues

    Posted by Linnea on 14th Feb 2019

    All the parts arrived as described and undamaged, only downsides were the fact that we got the wrong circuit diagram for the xinmo model. We also were only able to make the controls work on one out of two HP laptops.

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