Calle Mechanical Coin Mechanism - For UK Or Euro Coins Or Tokens

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This is a basic mechanical acceptor. The coin is measured for diameter, width and metal content. If the coin is accepted it passes a microswitch with Common, Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts, which in turn will give a credit to your game. Ideal for home arcade cabinet builds or as a replacement mech for older machines. This mech can be used for a wide variety of applications that require a coin input to operate and it is very reliable compared to the more advanced coin mechs.
Some of our customers have used these for operating snooker table lights, model trains, public toilets and kiddie rides.

The mech will also connect to a Mini-PAC or I-PAC. It is very easy to install - just take the coin signal wire from your appliance and connect to the NO (Normally Open) microswitch terminal on the back of the mech. Connect the ground wire to the CO (Common Ground) terminal on the microswitch and that's it! It is an ideal mech for first time cabinet builders and more experienced arcade cab builders. This is the same mech that many of the arcade machines in the 80's used. Give your home arcade cabinet a real retro feel and turn your machine into a giant money box at the same time!

*Please Note:
The 10p version of this coin mech IS now compatible with the newer nickel-plated steel version of 10p coins that were introduced from early 2013 onwards AND older 10p coins (Pre-2013)

Flat 23mm Tokens:
More information on the tokens for the flat token mech can be found here

Grooved 27.8mm Tokens:
More information on the tokens for the grooved token mech can be found here

Credit Board:
We also sell a credit board that will allow this mech to accept multiple coins for a credit - Credit Board For Coin Mechanism

Ideal for a wide range of applications.
Reject button and reject outlet.
Bounce resistant coin micro switch.
Anti stringing protection.
Very easy to install.
Calle branded.
Connects to Mini-PAC and I-PAC.
Can be used for various commercial purposes.
These have been used to operate kiddie rides, snooker table lights, public toilets and arcade machines etc. 

Can I connect this to a Mini-PAC or I-PAC?
YES - It will connect to both of these.

Is this mech ideal for my PC arcade machine?
YES - This is ideal for a PC arcade machine. 

Will this mech give me credit for games in MAME?
YES - It will work great for MAME.


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    Simple but effective

    Posted by Mark Horne on 22nd Jul 2014

    The best thing about these mechs is really that there's no motors, no circuit boards or complex moving parts, and an all metal construction with a simple switch so there is less that can go wrong.

    You can also alter the mech to take any coin that isn't magnetic.

    The downside is actually not to do with these mechs but the state of our british coinage in which coins that used to be non magnetic are now magnetic (such as the 5p and 10p coins produced 2012 onwards. Further down the line I suspect all our coins will be mild steel and will not be suitable for these mechs. Also since mild steel is a lesser density the coin thickness changes which presents problems when your coins are a mix of old and new.

    Get used to using tokens rather than real money coins would be my advice.

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