ButterCade Snap Out Tool For 24mm Sanwa/Seimitsu Snap-In Buttons

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The Buttercade snap out tool is one of those simplistic products that you'll realise you can't live without, especially if you always change your Sanwa/Seimitsu snap in buttons or constantly work on fight sticks and worry about breaking the plastic lugs on your snap in buttons. The Buttercade snap out tool easily pops out any 24mm Sanwa or Seimitsu snap in button and removes the risk of breaking the plastic side clippers.

Button Compatibility:
This tool is compatible with the following buttons. It is NOT suitable for screw in type buttons.
Please Note: You only need to buy one of these tools and NOT one for each button.

Sanwa OBSF-24
Sanwa OBSJ-24
Sanwa OBSC-24C

Seimitsu PS-14-D

How to use:
1/ Remove the insert from the tool.
2/ Line up the tool over the snap in button.
3/ Insert the middle piece and gently push down or up (depending on orientation of buttons)

Product Features
* Handy tool for easily removing snap in buttons
* Remove the risk of snapping button clippers
* High quality nylon
* Buttercade logo on the top of tool
* Compatible with Sanwa/Seimitsu 24mm snap in buttons

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