Brook Fighter Ball Handle And Dust Cover - Rosewood Or Beechwood

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The Brook Fighter Ball with matching dust cover is expertly crafted from high quality Beechwood or Rosewood and is supplied in a unique shaped cardboard presentation box, so ideal for collecting. Each Fighter Ball is unique, due to the individual characteristics of the Rosewood or Beechwood used. The Rosewood is the darker colour and the lighter colour is Beechwood - select your favourite colour at the time of order. The Brook Fighter Ball is coated with a PU waterproof coating to help reduce slip while playing.

The Brook Fighter Ball is 35mm in diameter and is compatible with most Sanwa/Seimitsu and Hori fight sticks.

*Please Note: The Fighter Ball is NOT compatible with the Sanwa JLW-UM-8 joystick.

The whole process of manufacturing the Brook Fighter Ball is a lengthy and meticulous one.
Step 1: Top grade Rosewood or Beechwood is selected
Step 2: The wood is sanded
Step 3: Sprayed with international grade PU waterproof coating
Step 4: Sanded for a 2nd time
Step 5: Laser engraved
Step 6: Sprayed with International grade environmentally friendly PU waterproof coating for a 2nd time
Step 7: Polished to a high finish

Product Features:
* High quality Rosewood or Beechwood
* 35mm Handle - fits most Sanwa/Seimitsu or Hori joysticks
* Unique shaped presentation box
* Perfect for collectors or to give your fight stick the wow factor
* Each handle is unique due to wood characteristics
* Luxury ball top handle
* Coated to reduce slip and for better grip
* Brook logo etched on the handle and dust cover

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