Black Empty Fight Stick Case – Build Your Own Arcade Project

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This black empty fight stick case is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to build their own fight stick or arcade project and features 6 x 30mm button holes, 2 x 24mm button holes and also has 4 pre-drilled screw holes for securing a joystick into place. By adding your own joystick, buttons and PCB, you will have your arcade fight stick project completed in no time at all. This is the perfect low cost solution for various arcade projects and ideal for first time builders.

Left Or Right Handed Players
The top of this fight stick case can be assembled with the joystick layout on the left or right.

Compatible Joysticks:
This empty case is compatible with the following joystick models:
Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT

Seimitsu joysticks with the following mounting plates:
MS mounting plate
SE mounting plate
SE-P40 mounting plate

Compatible Buttons:
Button holes are pre-drilled
* 6 x 30mm diameter holes
* 2 x 24mm diameter holes

Please note: Due to the thickness of the case, screw in style buttons are better suited
* Sanwa OBSN-30
* Sanwa OBSN-24 (For start buttons)
* Seimitsu PS-14-KN
* Seimitsu PS-14-DN-K  (For start buttons)
* Seimitsu PS-14-GN
* Seimitsu PS-14-DN (For start buttons)

Suggested PCB:
Xin Mo (1 player version)
Zero Delay
Raspberry Pi
Brook Universal Fighting Board

Product Features:
* Low cost empty fight stick case for various arcade projects
* Solid black colour
* Pre-drilled button holes

Product Dimensions:
Length: 29.5cm
Width: 19.5cm
Height: 6cm

Length: 29.5cm
Width: 19.5cm
Height: 0.5cm

Length: 27cm
Width: 17cm
Height: 5.5cm

Internal Space
Length: 25cm
Width: 14cm
Height: 4.5cm

Please Note:
The actual product weighs less than 1kg.
The 2.5kg weight stated in the product information is the volumetric weight and for shipping purposes only.

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