BitCade 'Cerberus' Full Size 4 Player Upright Flat Pack Arcade Cabinet Kit - White Melamine

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The Bitcade 4 Player Full Size Arcade Cabinet Kit is a beast of a cabinet and ideal for those customers who want to build their own 4 player arcade machine to share the gaming love with friends or family. The Bitcade 4 player arcade cabinet kit features a 4 player pre-drilled control panel and is finished in white melamine, so ideal for adding your own artwork set to finish off and create your own unique 4 player arcade machine. This 4 player arcade cabinet flat pack kit is ideal for recreating a Simpsons/Turtles or Gauntlet arcade machine. This arcade cabinet kit features an adjustable VESA monitor mount and can support up to either a 27 Inch (4:3 aspect ratio) monitor OR 27 Inch (16:9 aspect ratio) LCD monitor. The pre-drilled 4 player control panel has a 6 buttons per player layout in a Japanese Hori style button layout, so ideal for playing fighting games in comfort. The joystick mounting holes have been pre drilled and the recessed joystick mounting design supports a selection of popular joysticks including Zippyy, Sanwa JLF series, Seimitsu joysticks with MS mounting plate, illuminated joysticks and many more. The Bitcade 4 player arcade cabinet kit is supplied with a clear plexi set for monitor and marquee area and all the necessary fixtures and fittings for self assembly. Simply add your own monitor/joysticks/buttons and keyboard encoder/Raspberry Pi or PC and you can create your own arcade machine at home.

Please Note:
This 4 player arcade cabinet kit is intended for home use and not recommended for commercial use.

Supported Monitor:
Up to a 27" screen
Can support 4:3 square or 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio

Compatible Joysticks:
* Zippyy joysticks
* Illuminated joysticks
* Sanwa JLF series of joysticks
* Seimitsu joysticks with MS mounting plate
Please note: Happ/IL joysticks are NOT suitable for mounting in this kit

Compatible Buttons:
* AWUK classic
* Chrome effect
* Gold leaf
* IL
* SuzoHapp
Please note: Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons are NOT suitable for mounting in this kit

Product Features:
* Adjustable MDF VESA mount bracket included
* Supplied in flat pack form for self assembly
* Supplied with plexi set for monitor and marquee area
* All fixings included for self assembly
* Suitable for projects including JAMMA and Raspberry Pi projects
* T-Molding slots pre-cut
* Suitable for monitors up to 27" (4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio)
* Japanese Hori style 6 button layout
* Pre-cut speaker mounts
* Pre-cut 10mm recess joystick mounts

Built Up Dimensions:
120cm (Width) x 60cm (Depth) x 166cm (Height)

T-Molding Required:
You will require 33ft of 3/4 Inch T-Molding for this kit (sold separately)
We have a large selection of 3/4 Inch T-Molding Colours here: 3/4" T-Molding (0.75in ≈ 19mm)

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