BitCade Flat Pack 2 Player Cocktail Table Arcade Cabinet Kit - White Melamine

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The BitCade 2 player cocktail table arcade cabinet kit is manufactured from 18mm white melamine MDF and professionally cut on a CNC machine for perfect precision every time. This kit features pre-drilled end to end control panels with 3 button holes per player and is compatible with 19" monitors. The included VESA mount is adjustable, so customers can choose to either mount a 4:3 (square) or 16:9 (widescreen) 19" monitor. The end to end control panels are pre drilled and the button holes are 28mm in diameter, so most standard size 28mm arcade buttons are suitable for mounting, including classic arcade buttons, SuzoHapp arcade buttons or IL arcade buttons. The joystick holes are recessed and Zippyy, Sanwa or Seimitsu joysticks are suitable for mounting in the control panel. This 2 player cocktail table arcade flat pack kit is supplied with a plexi set for the top and all fixings for self assembly and the panels are pre-slotted, so you can add your own t-molding to the kit in your choice of colour, to make your arcade kit unique. T-Molding is available to order separately - please see below for amount to order for this kit. Simply add your own monitor, joysticks/buttons and JAMMA or Raspberry Pi to this kit and you will have your own arcade machine in no time.

Supported Monitor:
19" Monitor
Can support 4:3 square or 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio

Compatible Joysticks:
* Zippyy joysticks
* Illuminated joysticks
* Sanwa joysticks
* Seimitsu joysticks
Please note: Happ/IL joysticks are NOT suitable for mounting in this kit

Compatible Buttons:
* AWUK classic
* Chrome effect 
* Gold leaf
* IL
* SuzoHapp
Please note: Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons are NOT suitable for mounting in this kit

Product Features:
* Adjustable MDF VESA mount bracket included
* Ideal for playing vertical orientation games
* 3 button per player layout
* Supplied with plexi for the top of the kit
* Pre-cut speaker mounts
* All fixings included for self assembly
* Suitable for projects including JAMMA and Raspberry Pi projects
* T-Molding slots pre-cut
* Suitable for 19" monitors (4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio)

Built Up Dimensions:
56cm (Width) x 85cm (Depth) x 60cm (Height)

T-Molding Required:
You will require 22ft of 3/4 Inch T-Molding for this kit (sold separately)
We have a large selection of 3/4 Inch T-Molding Colours here: 3/4" T-Molding (0.75in ≈ 19mm)

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