Arcade World UK Ultimate 5V Illuminated Button - 24mm

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The Arcade World UK Ultimate illuminated button is a high performance push button, which features a built-in 5V LED, gold plated leaf microswitch with 2.8mm contacts, convex plunger & a fixing ring. The contacts on the microswitch terminals are fully gold plated, which results in no tarnishing or deterioration in performance. Each button has 2 x 2.8mm gold plated contacts for the built-in microswitch connection and 2 x 2.8mm contacts for the built-in 5V LED connection. This button does not contain a spring, which means a unique low actuation force for the entire button. This is a screw in style arcade button that can be mounted in many types of control panel with a thickness of up to 19mm (3/4 Inch). This button is suitable for mounting in a 24mm mounting hole.


Product Features:
* Gold Plated Microswitch Contacts (2.8mm)
* Built In 5V LED
* No Plunger Spring - Low actuation force
* Convex Plunger
* Screw In Style Button With Fixing ring
* Compact Integral Design
* Easy Installation
* Suitable For Control Panels Up To 19mm (3/4 Inch)

Wiring Information
This button requires 2.8mm crimped wires for connection.
1 wire for ground connection and 1 wire for signal connection

The built-in 5V LED requires 2.8mm crimped wires.
1 wire for positive (+) and 1 wire for negative (-).
A 2.8mm daisy chain harness will be suitable.

Pre-crimped 2.8mm wires and 2.8mm daisy chain harness can purchased here:
1 Metre Long Crimped Wires
Daisy Chain Harness 

Button Dimensions:
Mounting hole required: 24mm
Overall diameter of button across plunger: 27mm
Maximum depth of button from top of plunger to bottom of button: 33mm


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    24mm 5V illuminated buttons

    Posted by Bennie on 13th Dec 2020

    Very good buttons for the price. Green, Blue and Red are nice and bright. Yellow is much dimmer. I improved this by replacing the resistor with 50R to increase the current from 5mA to 20mA, painting the PCB white (it's green unlike the others which are white), and wrapping the top 10mm of the button body with aluminium foil as a reflector.

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