Starpoint 44mm Illuminated Arcade Button

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Classic round, high profile 44mm illuminated button by Starpoint. Made from high quality materials, this illuminated button comes complete with fixing ring, bulb holder, 12V bulb & an Omron microswitch. This illuminated arcade button is ideal for various uses, including arcade machine builds, commercial, exhibitions and academic. The Starpoint 44mm buttons are available in Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White & Yellow

Fitting The Bulb Holder:
The bulb holder for this Starpoint button does not need to be twisted like most other illuminated buttons. Simply line up the lugs on the bulb holder with the inside of the button and push the bulb holder inside until you hear it click into place. 

Adding your own artwork or text:
The lens on this button can easily be removed, should you wish to put your own artwork or text underneath the lens cap. These are normally referred to as “legends” and you can easily print your own legend on a PC printer and customise the button for your own requirements. 

What's included:
1 x Starpoint arcade button
1 x Fixing ring
1 x 12V bulb
1 x Bulb holder 

Product features:
* Ideal for various commercial and academic projects 
* Lens cap can be removed to insert your own artwork or writing
* A range of compatible microswitches and LEDs are available to purchase separately

Product Dimensions:
* Mounting hole required: 24mm - 28mm
* Overall diameter of button across plunger: 36mm
* Total height of button: 48mm

Wiring Information:
This button requires 6.3mm crimped wires for microswitch connection (Microswitches sold separately)
1 wire for ground connection (CO) and 1 wire for signal connection (NO).
This button requires 6.3mm crimped wires for connecting to the terminals on the bulb holder if you plan on using LEDs (LEDs sold separately).
1 wire for the positive connection and 1 wire for the negative connection
Pre-crimped wires and daisy chain ground harness can be ordered here:
Wires & Cables

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