Seimitsu PS-14-DN-C 24mm Screw In Arcade Button

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The PS-14-DN-C button is very similar to the Seimitsu PS-14-DN button, apart from the fact it has a clear lens cap. This is a screw in type button. This button is primarily used as a start button on fight sticks and some Japanese arcade machines, but could also be used as a test or service switch.

The use of this button is not just limited to fight sticks or arcade machines. This button is also a good choice for those customers who are building their own DJ midi controller and for various commercial or academic projects.

This button is the perfect choice for those customers looking to place their own artwork underneath the clear lens cap when modding their fight stick. The PS-14-DN-C button has a very slight convex plunger and is manufactured in Japan by Seimitsu. This button requires a 24mm mounting hole and a maximum mounting depth of up to 7mm. These are usually mounted in thin metal material or control panels. Each PS-14-DN-C button comes complete with microswitch built in and a clear fixing ring to secure the button in place. The breadth of the microswitch terminals is 2.8mm or .110 inches. The overall diameter of the button is 26.8mm.

We also sell a larger 30mm button that is a perfect match for the PS-14-DN-C, which can be used as the main action buttons on a fight stick or arcade machine. These also have a clear lens cap. To order the PS-14-GN-C buttons please see here: Seimitsu PS 14 GN C Arcade Button

The PS-14-DN-C button is the perfect choice for customers who love modding their fight stick and want to stand out from the crowd by adding their unique artwork design and placing the artwork underneath the clear lens cap.

Wiring Info:
This button requires 2.8mm crimped wires for connection.
1 wire for ground connection and 1 wire for signal connection.


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    Ideal As Colourful Coin / Start Buttons

    Posted by Jason Railton on 1st Jul 2021

    I used these 24mm buttons as my Coin / 1P-Start buttons on a pre-cut joystick box with a Raspberry Pi inside.

    The plunger consists of a clear cover over an insert that matches the colour of the rim. It's a simple matter to remove the plunger, separate the two parts, and add a decal inside. Either print the decal to match the button colour, or use a clear background. The nylon locking nut seems a little thin but works perfectly well, and the buttons don't seem to have rotated any in use.

    Operation seems smooth and reliable, though as I say they're not my most-bashed buttons. They don't feel any different to normal 1-piece plunger switches, at least.

    As 1P and Coin buttons at the top of the joystick they seem to go perfectly well with all-solid coloured 30mm buttons on the rest of the stick, since the rims are a solid colour, but I wouldn't want to mix these clear-top buttons in with solid-coloured buttons in my main control set, as they do appear different, and I prefer the look of the solid ones. But for inserting and protecting decals, they're ideal.

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    Just bought 100's of these...

    Posted by Richard on 10th Jan 2014

    Just bought 100's of these for a new product we're launching. Also gone for assorted colours!

    For us they work great due to being fairly shallow. Feel good quality too and low jitter/debouncing. Easy to pop off the tops and add your own decals.

    Great service and advice from Arcade World as ever :-)

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