Seimitsu Main Round Guide For LS-32(-01) & LS-38(-01)

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This main round guide from Seimitsu will give you improved 8-way movement when fitted to either the LS-32 or LS-38 joysticks. The round guide can be used to replace the existing default square gate, that comes pre installed on these Seimitsu joysticks and will enable you to experience smooth, corner-less movement during game play. For those customers that don't like the default gate on a Seimitsu joystick, these are definitely worth a try.

The Seimitsu main round guide will fit the following joysticks:


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    Atuador Ls - 32 Seimitsu

    Posted by Maycon Fernandes Penha on 10th May 2020

    This circular restrictor makes a big difference for those who are used to old arcades ... Pure nostalgia ... For those who are going to play Kof I think it is indispensable ... It greatly improves the gameplay ... It is the accessory that makes it even better the Ls -32 joystick from Seimitsu !! In my opinion, of the Seimitsu controls, the Ls-32 is the best ... And look, I already had the opportunity to try all the Seimitsu controls ... In no way loses to the Sanwa JLF ... And depending on the game , can be even higher ...

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    No more corner !

    Posted by Steeve on 18th Feb 2015

    You love fighting games ? You spent hours and hours in practicing but you still aren't able to perform a shoryuken FADC to ultra ? Maybe it's because of the corners of the stock guide mounted on your controller. With this, quarter, half or even full circle have never been do smooth ! Try it, enjoy it and improve your skill !

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