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The Sanwa OBSFS-30 is a 30mm snap-in style arcade button that has a foam padding disc underneath the plunger that significantly reduces the "clicking" sound of each button press. 

The name of this product is SILENT but for those customers expecting them to be silent with no noise at all, this is not true. Compared to the standard OBSF-30 Sanwa buttons, these are quieter when pressed, as the foam insert helps to reduce some of the clicking noise when pressed, but they are not totally silent. Sanwa call this product silent but this is not strictly true as you will always hear some slight noise when pressed, which is to be expected.

Sanwa buttons are without doubt one of the best arcade buttons on the market and with the addition of the foam padding disk under the plunger, they just got a whole lot better. The foam padding disk cushions the impact of the plunger on the base of the button greatly, reducing the clicking sound significantly.

The Sanwa Silent OBSFS-30 buttons are available in various colour combinations. Customers can choose the colour of the button surround & plunger at the time of order. The silent Mix 'N' Match arcade buttons make modding your fight stick a little cooler and a lot quieter. This button is ideally suited for mounting in metal control panels, with a thickness of approx. 2 - 4mm. Each button comes complete with a built in microswitch, that has 2.8mm terminals and a plastic clipper on either side that "snap in" to place when mounted.

Available in a choice of colours:
OBSFS-30 Surround Colours:
Black - Blue - Dark Blue - Green - Orange - Pink - Red - Vermillion - Violet - White - Yellow - Royal Blue

OBSFS-30 Plunger Colour:
Black - Blue - Dark Blue - Green - Grey - Orange - Pink - Red - Vermillion - Violet - White - Yellow - Royal Blue



  • 5
    Can't praise them enough..

    Posted by Chris on 4th Oct 2018

    ..sure they aren't 100% silent, but the difference between them and normal Sanwa buttons is huge. It didn't take long to adjust to the slightly different feeling.
    I will never use 'normal' buttons again anyway, after getting these. (even bought a silent inlay to the start button, so it wouldn't be the nosiest part of the stick)

  • 4
    You can hear the difference

    Posted by Vince on 23rd Jul 2018

    Literally silent if you aren't playing like a madman. Downside is the button has a very mushy feel to the click.

  • 5
    Very silent

    Posted by Adin on 19th Feb 2018

    These buttons are incredibly silent ofcourse not sound proof but still silent and very responsive.

  • 5
    Love this silent series

    Posted by ProteinBar on 25th Dec 2017

    This button is really good, my friends always laugh at me cause I smash too hard LOL but with this button the smashing sound is nerfed LOL, also help in other areas, like tournaments or living with a roommate or family ect ect.

  • 4
    Love these button

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Aug 2017

    Been using these button for the last two weeks and I really love these. The difference is really significant and there noise is really silent and I love the physical feedback they give. Strongly recomend these.

  • 5
    Not silent!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Aug 2016

    As stated these aren't silent, having said that they are a lot quieter and it's a different type of noise. They feel a bit different to press but didn't take much getting used to, replaced them on all my sticks.

  • 5
    Quieter when bottoming out

    Posted by Ben on 17th Aug 2016

    Very pleased with my purchase. There is a significant noise reduction, especially when hitting the buttons slightly harder causing them to bottom out. Don't expect silence of the same degree as the silent joystick though.

    My thumbs are still numb from installing them but very highly recommended regardless.

  • 4
    Sanwa buttons swap to Silent Sanwa buttons

    Posted by LP on 5th May 2016

    Fairly easy swap to do (carefull when popping out your Sanwa buttons the sides{Prongs?} come off easily). The buttons are not totally silent however dampen the noise significantly.

    The missus still complains when I'm playing but not as much when shes in the other room ;) Overall 4star due to losing the full arcade feel however after a week of use it feels normal. You may also think the buttons aren't being triggered however they do...just check the key input data.

  • 4
    How silent are they?

    Posted by Just a scrub on 18th Mar 2016

    Compared to standard sanwa buttons, I would say these buttons are are significantly 'dilluted' when pressing but 'silent'... they are not. They do do a decent job of decreasing the overall volume of noise being made but calling them silent is a little far off. The sound is coming from the fact that the buttons are basically a hollow plastic so of course they will make some noise in that regard.

    The sound of the buttons being pressed is not so loud that it will wake your neighbours up but they can be heard in the same room. Maybe something to be mindful of?

    I would recommend this product if you are looking for something with a little less noise than the regular sanwa buttons as you will notice the difference but they are not 'silent'

    Everything else is great and as responsive as you should expect. Rant over :p

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