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The Sanwa OBSF-30 is a 30mm snap-in style arcade button and features a built in microswitch with 2.8mm terminals. These are the buttons of choice for fighting game enthusiasts and are the same buttons that are used in QanBa and Madcatz fight sticks. These high quality arcade buttons are imported direct from Sanwa Denshi Co in Japan. This button is ideally suited for mounting in metal control panels, with a thickness of approx. 2 - 4mm. Each button has a plastic clipper on either side that locks into place when mounted on a control panel or fight stick.

Sanwa OBSF-30 plungers and surrounds are also available to purchase individually:
Sanwa OBSF-30 Mix 'N' Match Surround
Sanwa OBSF-30 Mix 'N' Match Plunger

Wiring Info:
This button requires 2.8mm crimped wires for connection.
1 wire for ground connection (CO) and 1 wire for signal connection (NO)
Pre-crimped 2.8mm wires and 2.8mm daisy chain ground harness can be ordered here:
1 Metre Long Crimped Wires
Daisy Chain Harness



  • 4
    Mostly good

    Posted by Neilybob on 28th Nov 2021

    Ordered a batch of 10 for my PiCade. Nine were fine but one was a hair trigger, registering presses at the slightest touch. The ones that work are an improvement over the buttons that come with the PiCade, but not by a huge amount.

  • 4
    Inexpensive and good quality

    Posted by Jitesh Mistry on 25th Oct 2021

    Bought a set of buttons to upgrade my Mayflash F500 V2, plus wanted a colour change to boot. It feels like an improvement over the stock buttons and felt like I had better execution as a result. Switch actuation doesn't feel very positive as it's very light but is very reliable.

  • 5
    Sanwa buttons

    Posted by Dan Bryant on 29th Aug 2021

    Great buttons

  • 5
    Great buttons!

    Posted by Arvid on 8th Apr 2021

    I used one of these as the jump button for my homemade hitbox controller and it works flawlessly! I wish we had a store this great in Sweden so I didn't have to pay an import fee!

  • 5
    great buttons

    Posted by vieri on 6th Jan 2021

    outstanding fire buttons for shootemup games. fast, sensitive, easy to install

  • 5
    Sanwa Snap in arcade buttons grey and white

    Posted by Nicholas Berry on 10th Aug 2020

    Clearly genuine products with manufacturers branding and quality build with easy installation and good performance on my Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro. Highly recommended.

  • 5

    Posted by Heclegar on 21st Jul 2020

    I was a bit disappointed when I first saw these buttons as they looked kinda cheap and toyish, although I'll say that they looked super cute in their little single plastic bags. Once I replaced the old busted buttons on my old MVS though, they convinced me right there and then. They look amazing, they feel great to push and they are SUPER sensible, feels like you could press them by sneezing in the next room sometimes. Great buttons for a great price!

  • 5

    Posted by Patryk Bugajski on 24th Jun 2020

    Had no problem putting them in my fight stick, work like a charm. Some of the est out there

  • 5

    Posted by Marc Pollitt on 25th Mar 2020

    Used these to replace the stock buttons in my PS4 Venom Fight Stick. Good upgrade, well worth the time and cost. Much snappier.

    A doddle to swap out, literally, unclip the old ones and snap in the new ones. Couldnt be easier.

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