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Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick With Fine Mesh Ball Top

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    Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick

    Posted by jim on 27th Jun 2019

    i replaced my old joysticks with these and they are a lot better, very noticable on street fighter games style that require very specific joystick movment patterns - hadoken,sonic boom etc., yep good.

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    Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick With Fine Mesh Ball Top

    Posted by Alexandre Langlois on 15th May 2019

    Hi, I have already about tens of Arcade sticks at my home for some consoles like the NEO・GEO and my Computer.
    I have bought a Qanba Qaraf and material to mod it in the past at arcadeworlduk when they were under an another company name, even got them at the phone with my friends and they were really friendly and helped me.
    I got even a goodies as a real photo of Street Fighter Champions Japanese team with the Qanba.
    So I was confident to bought once again at this place and I am not disappoint.
    I like Sanwa and Seimitsu and certains Hori products, sometimes I combine different brands.
    This time I choose to go full Sanwa on a Hori Taito Real Arcade Pro 4 Premium VLX mod on the green/purple colours of the so sympathetic and really big worldwide community Gamergate, because I am an exigent demanding gamer who has begin to play in 1985 and continue with enjoyement to these days, especially the old good Arcades games, I tested this Arcade stick mod with the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick that I bought here with Sanwa buttons on my PS1/PS2/PS3 NEO・GEO and Dreamcast, Xbox360, using Joysticks ports converters on Samurai Spirit 3, Fatal Fury 3 and Special, Rival Schools and Project Justice, Jojo Byzarre Adventures, Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service, Capcom VS SNK pro, Marvel VS Capcom 1, Third Strike and Street Fighter Alpha 3, Dead or Alive 2 ultimate and DOA IV, Soul Calibur 1 and others.
    It was like eating at a luxuous restaurant. The Sanwa joystick respond perfectly, it's an another world with this kind of material. I have experience with this kind of material but I wish to explain to the Gamers and persons who are playing with pads or low quality sticks, that this product is really good material. I choose this one because I am oldschool and really like the click click click Arcade rooms sounds. For the others who do not want to annoy someone sleeping in the same room, simply choose the silent version one.
    The ball is pretty, I am happy of it. I will surely mod another Illuminated light diodes joystick later but for the moment I am really happy with the new aesthetic of my Arcade stick.
    The Sanwa Elephant keyring bought here, make it even more cool.
    So the quality, the durability of the material look really solid, it have a good aesthetic, and in the hands it's like driving a millionaire car. Sincerelly.
    This joystick was really easy to mount, to change the original restrictor for a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal 8 ways was the time of a two seconds clip. No need to drill the plastic this time or to add screws and it is solid, it will not broke or fall.
    Adding a Sanwa JLF-CD Shaft Cover was simple, a child could do it.
    I am really happy of this bought that I was surprise to got it so quickly even with fast shipping, because I do not live in the UK.
    So yeah, I am happy for the good times of confortable gaming that I will got now.
    Thank you Arcadeworlduk.

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    Good Design

    Posted by jay on 24th Jun 2014

    I liked the design of the Joystick from the first time i got hand on this one.
    Simple, easy to take apart, the 4/8 way switching mechanism needs some practice but i think it's a very nice Idea and it seems solid.
    Playing with this one just feels perfect.