QanBa Q4RAF 6 Button Plexi Conversion Set

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This 6 button plexi conversion set is perfect for customers wanting to change the button layout of their QanBa Q4RAF from 8 to 6. This removes the need for button blanks. 

What's Included:
1 x 6 button plexi
1 x 6 button metal base
1 x 6 button 3-D artwork

Plexi Dimensions:
Length: 36cm - Height (Left Side): 17.5cm - Height (Right Side): 16cm

Metal Plate Dimension:
Length: 34cm - Height: 14cm

Installation of the plexiglass & metal base plate is easy.
Step 1: Simply remove the screws holding the stock plexi in place then remove the original plexi. 
Step 2: Now remove the screws holding the metal base plate in place, lift up and remove the parts. 
Step 3: Now install the parts in the 6 button metal base. 
Step 4: Place the 6 button base plate over the mounting holes and secure in place with original screws. 
Step 5: Place your choice of artwork over the metal plate 
Step 6: Finally secure the 6 button plexi in place with original screws 

*Please Note: 
There is a protective film on both sides of the plexi. This is to help prevent scratching/damage during transit. To remove this, simply peel it up from one of the corners and remove from both sides.

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