2 Player - American Style Joysticks, Classic Buttons & MinI-PAC Wiring Kit

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Do you regularly build control panels? Even if you have only built one panel, you will know that the novelty of cutting and stripping wires, crimping and connecting very quickly wears off! After all, on a standard panel there are 88 wires to be stripped and 44 crimps! Why not get someone else to do all that and use the time saved for less boring pursuits (such as playing games!). 

Harness Power!
The wiring harnesses are available for 32 switches (including joysticks and buttons) and with connection for Ultimarc trackballs and spinners. Along with each switch harness is a "daisy chain" ground harness. The total number of individual sections of wire on these harnesses is over 74, with over 144 terminations!

Compare the cost of the wire and connectors, plus time saved, with the amazingly low prices of these premade harnesses! The ground harness has 4 extra terminations, so that if necessary you can span longer distances between switches by "missing out" one connector. Switch connectors are female with 0.187 inch (4.8mm) connectors. These are designed for standard microswitch terminals. 

Colour Combinations:
The colour options for this kit can be selected from the dropdown boxes. If you require a mixture of colours, please refer to the individual product links below to order the parts in the kit as separates.

What's Included With The Default Colour Set?
1 x Mini-PAC Keyboard Encoder Kit With 4.8mm Wiring Kit
1 x Pack Of 4 PCB Feet
2 x AWUK American Style Arcade Joystick - Black
1 x White Classic Arcade Start Button - Concave - 1&2 Player
18 x Classic Arcade Button With Concave Plunger
20 x Chen Xiao Button Microswitch With 4.8mm Terminals

Arcade Button Dimensions:
* Mounting hole required: 28mm
* Overall diameter of button across plunger: 32mm
* Maximum depth of button from top of plunger to bottom of microswitch: 67mm 

Panel Sizes
Each switch wire on the harness is 13 inches long (330mm). The Mini-PAC board should be mounted near the center of the panel, giving a span between the furthest switches of 26 inches (660mm). The harnesses are designed to cover almost all standard size 2-player panels but extension kits are available for longer distances. Ground harness "hops" are 5 inches each. If you are building a 4-player panel you can double up on Mini-PACs and harnesses.

Switch/Joystick Functionality
The Mini-PAC works identically to I-PAC2 board. All programming features identical, same number of inputs (32). Works in PS/2 or USB mode. For PS/2, you will need the optional PS/2 adaptor.

  • Tiny board! Only 2 1/4 X 1 1/2 inches!
  • Fully programmable key code set. Stored even after power off unlike some other interfaces which lose all data when powered off.
  • Dual interface. Full Speed USB or Keyboard - small adaptor plug available for PS/2 mode.
  • Lead plugs into keyboard socket on PC (with adaptor) or direct to USB port.
  • Can be programmed using special utilities (for DOS, Windows, Linux, MAC)
  • Using host software, an unlimited number of keycode configurations can be stored and downloaded on-the-fly. Retained on power off.
  • No separate power needed.
  • Does not use a matrix - no ghost keys.
  • Does not use a scanning method which causes a variable delay. Each input has it's own dedicated connection into the on-board CPU.
  • Fast running gives much better response than a standard keyboard controller. Key transmission and debounce uses a state method for each key. No delays between keys depressed at the same time. (essential for fighting games). No need for a keycode buffer.
  • 2 modes. Either uses standard MAME keys (default) or you can program your own character set.
  • Shift functions. Holding "Start1" and pressing other buttons sends a range of codes for MAME functions such as "escape", "Coin 1", "tab", "enter". This means no extra buttons are needed on the cabinet. In programmable mode any input can be the shift key and all keys can be programmed with a shifted code.
  • Connector for ordinary keyboard which can be used together with the controls if required. No switch-over delays mean you could even play a game using the control panel and keyboard at the same time. Advanced interrupt-driven code means the pass-through uses NO CPU cycles when the keyboard is idle.
  • Supports selective up/down key repeat in PS/2 mode (all keys repeat in USB mode) to give easy scrolling through lists with minimal CPU overhead and interface "clutter".
  • No special drivers needed. USB drivers are generic Windows.
  • Fully compatible with all Apple Macs which have USB ports.
  • Supports the Apple Mac "command" key and the Windows "GUI" keys.
  • Can be paired in any combination to increase the total number of inputs.
  • Keycode programming is integrated directly into many popular MAME front end for seamless launch of emulator or other applications which require different codesets.
  • Self-test LED indicator which shows and wiring or other problems.


  • 5
    Great starter kit

    Posted by David on 19th Dec 2017

    Wonderful piece of kit. I've never done anything like this before and, aside from a couple of hitches, found it to be very easy to put together. Quality of the items is fantastic to boot

  • 5
    Great for first times

    Posted by Paul on 15th Dec 2016

    Great for a first timer like me.

  • 5
    Fantastic Beginners' Kit

    Posted by Rick on 12th Nov 2015

    We recently built a simple cabinet to take a Raspberry Pi and some arcade hardware and found that this kit fitted our requirements perfectly. After a long phone call (thank you, Andy!) in which I was given clear, honest advice, we ordered the kit and had it delivered the next day. Fitting and connection was really straight-forward and we had our machine up and running in no time. Everything feels solid and we've had no problems so far. Will definitely be coming back for more goodies next time we have a project to complete!

  • 4
    Ideal for starters

    Posted by steven pearce on 16th Jul 2014

    This kit was perfect for starting out, im currently on my first build and this kit was everything i needed to get going.

    Service was quick as well

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