I-PAC 2 And Wiring Kit

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This kit is perfect for customers who are building a cocktail arcade machine as the wires in this kit are 1 Metre long. The I-PAC2 board has 32 inputs, making it an ideal way to connect your 2 player set-up to a PC. The included Metre long wires make connecting simple.

Connect the crimped end of the Metre long wires to the NO (Normally Open) microswitch tags on your joysticks and buttons, strip a small section of the rubber off the other end of the wires and screw these into the corresponding terminals on the board. Then all that is left to do is connect the daisy chain ground harness to the COM (Common Ground) microswitch tags on your joysticks and buttons.

If you have any spare ground connections, you can either cut these off, or use them as span to help the daisy chain reach the ground terminal on the I-PAC2 board. Once this is complete, plug your board into your PC and once it has been recognized, you are ready to go.

Crimp sizes:
2.8mm - This size crimp is mainly used for Sanwa & Seimitsu buttons.

4.8mm - This size crimp is mainly used for standard arcade buttons E.g. Happ, IL & Classic buttons

4.8mm/2.8mm - This option allows you to use standard joysticks (Happ, IL etc...) with Japanese buttons (Sanwa or Seimitsu)

6.3mm - This size crimp is mainly used for microswitches that have the larger 6.3mm terminals.

What's included with the 2.8mm - 4.8mm - 6.3mm options?
1 x I-PAC 2 FS32 Keyboard Encoder
1 x Pack Of 4 PCB Feet

1 x Insulated Daisy Chain Harness With 32 Crimp Connections
32 x 1 Metre Long Insulated Crimped Wires

What's included with the 4.8mm/2.8mm option?

1 x I-PAC 2 FS32 Keyboard Encoder
1 x Pack Of 4 PCB Feet

2 x Insulated Daisy Chain Harness With 32 Crimp Connections
      (1 x 2.8mm daisy chain & 1 x 4.8mm daisy chain)
32 x 1 Metre Long Insulated Crimped Wires
      (24 x 2.8mm wires & 8 x 4.8mm wires)


  • 4
    Good board

    Posted by Andy on 18th Apr 2017

    I bought this board for my bartop project with 2 zippy joystick, 12 Yenox buttons, etc .
    Very easy to wire but the screw terminals are a little breakable.
    Board and utility software (WinIPAC Version 2) works well with Windows 7.
    I-pac works well also with Raspberry PI 3 and Retropie/EmulationStation, needs configuration through Retroarch with some emulators (Neo Geo, Snes, Megadrive/Genesis, etc).

    A special mention for Andy and ArcadeWorld staff, really helpful and kind.

  • 5
    Easy as Pi

    Posted by Hannah on 10th Apr 2017

    Really fast delivery. Wired up in no time.

  • 5
    It just works

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Mar 2017

    What more can i say, unpack install and in around 10 mins you are up and running. A small board that is so easy to use 10 out of 10.

  • 4
    The board is great but...

    Posted by Xavier on 20th Feb 2017

    Based on my experience i would recommend this board but i also had a few problems with it which were very time consuming.
    - Very easy to wire, all inputs are specified on the board. Peel the wire and screw it in
    - GND is at both sides but they're communicated so you only need a point from the daisy chain for all players and buttons
    - getting the pre-crimped wires and daisy chain for ground is a must unless you wanna spend hours crimping wires. It makes your life easy!
    - fast response from joystick and switches if connected to Raspberry Pi, not noticeable time delay.
    - it works very well with Mame
    - The board is meant to be pre-programmed by default but it may not be. My Up, down, left right were swapped so i tried to reprogram the board with no success so i end up wiring the up from the joystick with the down on the board, left with right, etc.
    - It didn't work with Windows 7. This could be due to having the correct driver installed instead of the windows default one. The Ultimarc website instructions are atrocious and all over the place with drivers, firmware and programming instructions in different sections which made it very hard to find.
    - WinIPAC V2 Configuration Utility did not work for me. The software did not recognised the firmware version and there was a constant error if I tried to reconfigure any buttons. This worked very well with the Mac version (i was lucky i had both Mac and Windows) and could program the shift "extra" ouputs through Macros

    Things to consider:
    If connected to Raspberry Pi, I would configure Emulation Station through a keyboard with the EXACT correspondent keys that you have the Joysticks and buttons associated with as per default table from the arcadeworlduk website i.e. SW1 = L-ctrl, SW2 = L-Alt and so on
    Player 2 may need to be configured for some game systems but google is your friend ;-)

  • 5
    From a very satisfied customer ...

    Posted by Mike Werfel on 29th Aug 2016

    I am very impressed by the fast (DPD) delivery to Germany; one day earlier than announced; safe packaging; Quality of the products (IPac, Buttons, Sticks) much higher than expected ! The IPAC2 (FS32) works "out of the box" with the Raspberry 3 (for a Bartop Project) - A mighty THANK YOU, Arcadeworld Team ! - I am sure I will come again :-)

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 19th May 2016

    Excellent quality and fast shipments.

  • 5
    First time with i-pac 2

    Posted by David Whetton on 28th Apr 2016

    what can i say, a great little board that gives my Mame arcade stick all the buttons i could ever want. It was very easy to wire up and to look very neat inside my arcade stick. On my stick the bottem piece is perspecs so it looks very nice with the green light lit up. I will be honest and say i had a little trouble setting up the board, but that was nothing to do with the board at all, just my lack of knowedge about t. but a simple phone call these guy's had me up and running in no time. A very simple software download to config the board from this site was all that was required. I will be definitely getting another for my 2 player Mame cab. Thanks Andy for all your help

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Feb 2016

    Absolutely perfect.

  • 5
    Fantastic, easy to program and get up and running

    Posted by Daryl Kerr on 30th Jul 2015

    We purchased 8 ipacs to allow us to control several PC's using arcade push buttons mounted into desks at work for controlling various computer systems, everything was delivered quickly, well packaged and we had everything up and running within 15 minutes, once we had programmed the first iPac with the control scheme we needed it was really quick and easy (about 30 seconds) to program each of the remaining ones.
    Fantastic service and would definitely recommend to anyone looking to either do a Mame style arcade machine or like us use them for simple software interaction.

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