Horizontal Single Entry Coin Door With Coin Mech

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This horizontal single entry coin door is ideal for home arcade cabinet projects/replacement for existing arcade machines and comes complete with a 3.5" coin mechanism and mounting brackets. This coin door is fitted with a bulb holder with 12V bulb behind the coin entry. The coin entry will illuminate red when connected to a 12V power source, just like a real arcade machine.

Lock & Key Sets:
This door does not come supplied with a lock and key set. Suitable lock and key sets can be ordered here: Lock & Key Sets
A 5/8" Cam Lock is required for this door.

How To Connect The Coin Mechanism:
There is a microswitch attached to the back of the coin mechanism. Simply connect a signal wire to the NO (normally open) terminal on the microswitch and the other end connects to the coin signal input on a MinIpac, Ipac or JAMMA harness. Connect a ground cable to the CO (common ground) terminal on the microswitch - that's it.

How To Illuminate The Coin Entry:
The bulb requires a 12V power source to illuminate and a ground connection. These can either be taken from a spare molex connector on a PC power supply (12V = Yellow wire - Ground = Black wire) or from the power supply in a JAMMA cabinet.

Give your arcade machine project the ultimate touch by adding a real coin door and working coin mechanism - a great way of using your arcade machine as a money box or to take some extra cash off your friends!

Height - 28cm
Width - 34cm

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