Suzo Happ Rectangular Mini Momentary Arcade Button

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The Suzo Happ Rectangular Mini Momentary buttons have a built in microswitch and are ideal for numerous uses. Can be used for fire buttons or start buttons in arcade cabinets.

Product features:
* Ideal for Jamma/Arcade Cabinet/Commercial projects.
* Perfect for test/switch/admin buttons on arcade machines.


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    Quite springy

    Posted by Alan on 23rd Nov 2016

    Used a couple of these to relocate the volume controls on my pimoroni picade from the side (where people kept pressing them by accident) to the back of the cab.

    Work well as volume buttons, they are quite springy so would recommend as service buttons rather than player control panel buttons.

    They were easy enough to fit and look good, albeit being out of sight at the back of the cab anyway.

    There's no audible click with these buttons when contact is made.

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