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Glossy Black 3 Quarter Inch T Molding With Chrome Stripe

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  • 3
    Nice T-molding, but needs wider slot

    Posted by Chris on 2nd Apr 2018

    The T-molding it self is great looking, but since the feather on this molding is slightly wider than other 19mm (3/4") T-molding. You need at least a 2 mm slot cutter for this.
    If you have the right slot cutter for the job than nothing will stop you from making a realy nice cabinet:)
    Why this T-molding is different from the other colors, who knowes!

  • 3
    Andy's Arcade Review

    Posted by Andy's Arcade on 14th Mar 2017

    Yes I have to agree it was a nightmare to install as this type of T-Moulding is slightly thicker and will not go into the slot . You will have to re Route the slot all over again but once done will go in Okay .So Guys be warned if you have put your side art on already choose a different T-Moulding ( Chrome is nice and easy to install) as you could damage your artwork trying to re route the slot.Having said all that, it does look good when its on.

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    WOW This stuff his tough to install

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Mar 2017

    Having a nightmare installing this stuff, I am installing it to the U24 slim line cabinet with pre cut slots, however it just bends all the boards as its liker a compressed cardboard by the looks of it and just wont go in.
    It also come wound in a large circle and when unravelled is very hard to manage its just bent in all directions.
    Going to try and make the slot bigger and see if that helps.
    Once installed im sure itll l;ook greta but be warned you're in for an unhappy few hours installing it!!