Essex Straight Six Coin Mechanism For UK Coins (New 12 Sided £1 Coin)

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The Essex straight Six coin slide mechanism is very robust and highly flexible with respect to changes in price of play. It is also very selective on thickness and diameter of inserted coins. This Essex Straight Six coin mechanism will accept the new version 12 sided £1 coins (March 2017 onward) ONLY. The coin apertures can be opened or blocked at will using the coin mechanisms' self contained conversion kit. You do not need any extra parts to change the price of play, which is set on £1.00 by default. If you have lost or broken any of the blanking plates or need an extra one to set the mech on free play, these can be ordered here: Blanking Plate For Essex Straight Six Coin Mech

Coin Slot Inputs:
This coin mech has slots to accept the following denomination of UK coins
1 x 10p
1 x 50p
1 x 20p
3 x £1.00 (New 12 sided March 2017 onwards)

Product Features:
* Will accept the new version £1 coins (March 2017 onwards)
* This mech will accept UK 10p, 20p, 50p, £1.00
* Robust and highly flexible
* Easy to change the price of play
* Remove the blanking plates to set up price of play
* Will NOT accept the old round £1 coin

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