Classic Ball Top Arcade Joystick

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This joystick is ideal for arcade machine and JAMMA machine projects. It is a good low-cost alternative to the Sanwa balltop joystick and can be set to either 4 or 8 way operation by adjusting the restrictor plate on the bottom.

This joystick has a good feel and a quick return to centre, very similar in feel to the Sanwa JLW-TM-8 joystick.

Product features:
* Mounting plate - Length: 9.5cm x Width: 7.7cm
* Good alternative to Sanwa joystick
* Fitted with 4.8mm microswitches
* Ball top handle


  • 4
    okay stick

    Posted by kev on 12th Jun 2017

    Bought for my first diy fight stick along with a zero delay unit. the microswitch terminals on the stick are 4.8mm which is a bugger because I ordered the 2.8mm option with the zero delay PCB as that's what my buttons were, no bother just 5 mins with a crimping tool and correct size spades apart from this little hiccuping I am quite happy with the performance of the stick!

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    Nice cheaper alternative

    Posted by Dave Drury on 25th Oct 2014

    In the past ive always bought Sanwa arcade sticks, but thought id give this one a try as its a nicer price.

    Upon arrival they looks very much like a sanwa stick.

    Fitted a pair into my cabinet, but noticed straight away that they felt a bit sticky/too much friction, and didnt always fully return to the centre when releasing the stick.

    I removed the shaft and actuators, gave them a bit of white grease, then rebuilt them. It has completely transformed them and they feel great to use. I would happily use them again instead of the Sanwa sticks

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    A good ball-top stick for those on a budget

    Posted by Chris Chadwick on 15th Jun 2014

    Basically, this is a cheap Sanwa JLW-TM-8 clone. As such, the build quality isn't 5 star: I had to tighten all the screws and sand off a nub of spare plastic on top of the stick (with very fine sandpaper!). There's also a slight moulding 'rim' running all the way around the the ball handle.

    For some reason, the underside of the dust cover is textured. Thus, I found it a bit noisy when it was sliding across the textured surface of my laminated control panel. I simply put a sticky label on the underside - cut to shape - and this solved the issue.

    There's also slight play in the dead zone (small movement in the stick before a microswitch is pressed). I also had to replace the supplied, square restrictor gate with a round one, as I simply couldn't play with it - but that may just be me.

    However, in use, I really can't fault this stick, especially at this price. I bought 2 and beat my Robotron hi score, first go. Nuff said. :)

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