9 Single Colour LED Wire Connection Pack For I-PAC Ultimate I/O Interface

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The 9 LED single colour connection pack for I-PAC Ultimate I/O interface allows you to connect the bulb holders for illuminated buttons with ease and plug straight onto the I-PAC Ultimate I/O interface board. No soldering required and very easy to connect. Each pack includes 9 x 56cm long wires with 6.3mm crimp connectors at one end and gold coloured contacts at the other end. The gold colour contacts slide into the black plastic connector housings, which are included and then plug straight onto the I-PAC Ultimate I/O interface board, saving you time and effort – no soldering required.

This connection pack is suitable for connecting most illuminated buttons that have a bayonet style bulb holder with 6.3mm terminals to the I-PAC Ultimate I/O interface board.

*Please Note
This connection pack is NOT required when using Classic RGB or Ultralux RGB push buttons, as these have their own wiring connection and plug directly onto the I-PAC Ultimate I/O interface.

What’s Included?
9 x 56cm long crimped wires with 6.3mm crimped end
3 x empty block connectors

Product features:
* Crimped wires – No soldering required.
* 56cm long with 6.3mm crimped terminal.
* Connector housings included.
* Easy connection to I-PAC Ultimate I/O Interface.
* Gold colour contacts slide into plastic housings for easy connection.

Wiring Information:
Each illuminated button will require 1 of these wires for connection to one side of the bulb holder and will also require a common connection. A daisy chain harness is not included in this pack but can be purchased separately here:
Daisy Chain Ground Harness

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