60-In-1 JAMMA Arcade Parts Bundle #1

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The 60 in 1 JAMMA arcade parts bundle (#1) is a great arcade kit for those customers that have an old JAMMA cabinet and want to breathe new life into it or for those customers who want to build their own arcade machine. This kit contains all the parts you will need for your arcade machine refurbishment or new arcade machine build and is ideal for upright arcade machines, JAMMA machines and cocktail machine projects. The buttons in this kit will fit into a 28mm mounting hole and the joysticks come with red ball top handles and are 2, 4 & 8 way adjustable. The only other items required to complete your arcade machine build would be a monitor, arcade cabinet and JAMMA power supply.

What's included in the kit?
2 x Zippyy Long Shaft Ball Top Arcade Joystick (Red) (2/4/8 way)

10 x Black Classic Arcade Button With Concave Plunger
1 & 2 White Classic Arcade Start Button - Concave
12 x Microswitches With 4.8mm Terminals

1 x 60-In-1 Vertical JAMMA Game Board
1 x Black JAMMA Harness 4 Button Wiring
4 x PCB Feet

The 60-in-1 multi game JAMMA board included in this kit features 60 classic arcade games including Galaga, Galaxian, Burger Time, Arkanoid, Space Invaders, Pac Man, 1942, Amidar, Bomb Jack, Frogger and more...

This board supports up to 2 x trackballs.
2 Inch Mini Trackball For 60-In-1 Board are available to order separately.

The extra 12 games on the 60 In 1 game board are fast shoot versions of some of the games (See games lists below).

The 60-In-1 game board is simply plug and play. Once connected to your arcade cabinet JAMMA harness you can start playing those classic games. Each game is fully customizable by flipping the dip switches on the board. Difficulty level, game speed and number of lives can all be changed very easily.

*Please Note:
Although the 60-In-1 JAMMA board has the ability to save high scores, it does NOT save the initials associated with them.
* The 60 in 1 JAMMA board requires your monitor to be in the VERTICAL position.

* 60 classic games on 1 PCB
* Requires a vertical orientated monitor
* Outputs to both CGA & VGA
* Difficulty and lives settings

Game List:
Ms Pac-Man / Galaga / Frogger /Donkey Kong / Donkey Junior / Donkey Kong 3 / Galaxian / Dig Dug / Crush Roller / Mr. Do / Space Invaders / Pac Man / Galaga 3 / Gyruss / Tank Battalion / 1942 / Lady Bug / Burger Time / Mappy / Centipede / Millipede / JR Pacman / Pengo / Phoenix / Time Pilot / Super Cobra / Hustler / Space Panic / Super Breakout / New Rally X / Arkanoid / Qix / Juno First / Xevious / Mr. Do's Castle / Moon Cresta / Pinball Action / Scramble / Super Pacman / Bomb Jack / Shao-Lin's Road / King & Balloon / 1943 / Van-Van Car / Pacman Plus / Dig Dug 2 / Amidar / Zaxxon / Pooyan / Pleiads / Gun Smoke / The End / 1943 Kai / Congo Bongo / Jumping Jack / Ms Pac-Man (fast mode) / Pac-Man (fast mode) / Galaga (fast fire mode) / Jr Pac-Man (fast mode) / Pac-Man Plus (fast mode)

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