4lb Tension Spring For Sanwa JLF Series Joysticks

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The 4lb tension spring can be used as a replacement for the existing spring found in the Sanwa JLF series of Joysticks. Modding your Sanwa JLF joystick with this 4lb tension spring, will give you up to 3.2lb more force, compared to the original spring. This results in a stiffer joystick, which is favoured amongst some players, who do not like the loose feel of the Sanwa JLF series of joysticks.

Product Features:
* Ideal for joystick modding
* Gives a stiffer feel to a Sanwa JLF joystick
* Up to 3.2lb more force compared to the original JLF spring


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    Spring too heavy for me

    Posted by Huseyin Veli on 29th Nov 2022

    Firstly, credit to the guys at Arcade World, they are flawless in thier service and advice.

    The sping in this case is way too heavy for me. If you are thinking of a new spring and have not experienced this, I would suggest sticking to a 2lb spring with a larger actuator. Its more natural and less of a labour to move the stick. After a hard day at work, I do not want to wrestle with my arcade stick.

    Still, for the price you can try. Your taste will be different to mine. My suggestion, order a 2lb and 4lb spring if you must, its cheap enough and you pay postage once.

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    It's a spring that adds tension

    Posted by JD on 22nd May 2022

    Bought to experiment with different joystick tensions as I refine my stick to my tastes. To my surprise it was much heavier than I initially thought as the stock Sanwa I believe is around 1lb.

    Overall allowed for very a tight experience in inputs, with a noticeably fast return to neutral. In really helped with DP's and FB's in 2d Fighters. However in reflection though I have now tried Stock, 2lb and 4lb. Stock I feel is too light, 2lb is a little loose - and the 4lb is certainly great for games like shmups and possible Fighters where return to neutral is more important than multiple thrash commands. Build quality was good and price reasonable.

  • 5
    4lb spring

    Posted by Stuart on 16th May 2022

    I just prefer he more solid tight feel that the 4lb spring gives you over the 2lb or default 1lb spring you get with arcade sticks. Just feels new all the time and precise. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    A must buy.

    Posted by Blane Bramble on 31st Mar 2022

    Bought these as I was unhappy with the imprecise feel of the default springs. What a difference they make, my arcade machine is playable! A must buy.

  • 5
    Great quality but a bit stiff for me

    Posted by Ben on 24th Jan 2022

    I may just have to get used to the tension. I’m very new to arcades so have been experimenting with all the little tweaks you can do. I got 2 JLF sticks and wanted to try making them a little stiffer. Not really knowing what a 4lb spring would do I thought I would try it. Easy to change but not right for me. Service and product great, user error in this case.

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    Give it time...

    Posted by Chris Lewis on 13th Sep 2020

    So yes, this spring is very heavy when compared to the standard spring... and that takes a few goes to get used to.
    That can be jarring at first, however I use a full meatl (and therefore heavy) bat top, which does make a difference to the feel of this spring.
    In addition to that, the spring tension does loosen slightly after a week or so of use.
    I've also got this combined with the oversized actuator and an octo gate, and I could not be happier. The very beast configuration for this stick in my opinion...

    Lets be honest, it's a couple of quid, try it out!!

    If you're looking for something less extreme, the 2lb spring is still a massive upgrade from the stock spring. Get both, see which suits your play style best.

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    A good source of tension.

    Posted by Robin on 6th Mar 2020

    Added the 4LB spring to my Sanwa JLF and stiffness increased dramatically as expected and desired. Understandably more effort is needed to move the stick but I did find my inputs became more accurate in 3rd Strike and it was a more usable J-Lever for 3D games such as VF5/Tekken due to its consistent return to neutral. For the minimal cost its worth a test for those of you that are curious.

  • 5

    Posted by Alexander on 23rd Sep 2019

    Very stiff spring that helps the stick back to neutral and it was especially clear when doing Akuma's Kongou Kokufetsu Zan super in 3rd Strike witch is down 3 times then punch x 3.
    Also very good tool to train the underarm muscles passivly while playing.

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    Work Great for who want more Stiffness

    Posted by Ulisses Medeiros on 15th Nov 2017

    the spring of 4lb helps a lot and allows a better neutral when playing, facilitating in a lot of games and serves for those who find the standard spring or the 2lb spring, very soft, is for those who want precision and almost instantaneous return to neutral

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