2 Player Arcade Joysticks Buttons And I-PAC2 Wiring Kit No10

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This 2 player arcade joysticks, buttons and wiring kit includes all the parts you will need to interface to a PC, Laptop or MAC, to create a 2 player arcade machine project. The joysticks feature a 4cm long shaft, 2/4/8 way restrictor gate and come complete with ball top handles. These buttons have a translucent rim, built in microswitches with 2.8mm terminals and fixing rings are also included. The 1 & 2 player start buttons come complete with fixing rings and microswitches with 4.8mm terminals.

The I-PAC2 keyboard encoder included in this kit comes complete with pre-crimped wires and a daisy chain ground harness for easy connection. The I-PAC2 does not require any soldering - Simply connect the pre-crimped ends of the wires to the microswicthes on the buttons/joysticks and then attach the bare ends to the screw terminals on the I-PAC2 board. The I-PAC2 board is detected by your PC as a keyboard and has a number of advanced features, should you require them.

Please see here for more information about the I PAC 2 FS32 Keyboard Encoder.

What's included in the kit?
2 x Zippyy Long Shaft Ball Top Arcade Joystick (Red) (2, 4 & 8 Way)

22 x Arcade Button With Translucent Rim
 - 11 x Blue, 11 x Green
 - 22 x Fixing Rings For Buttons

1 x 1 & 2 White Classic Arcade Start Button - Concave
2 x Chen Xiao Button Microswitch With 4.8mm Terminals For 1 & 2 START Buttons

1 x I-PAC 2 And Wiring Kit
 - 1 x I-PAC 2 Board & USB Cable
 - 32 x Crimped Wires With 4.8mm Crimps
 - 1 x Daisy Chain Ground Harness With 4.8mm Crimps
 - 4 x PCB Feet With Screws

Mounting Plate Length: 9.8cm
Mounting Plate Width: 6.5cm
Height of Joystick Shaft: 4cm

Mounting hole required: 28mm
Overall Diameter of button across plunger: 36mm
Maximum depth of button from top of plunger to bottom of button: Approx 42mm

Player 1 & 2 Buttons:
Mounting hole required: 28mm
Overall Diameter of button across plunger: 32mm
Maximum depth of button from top of plunger to bottom of button: Approx 67mm


  • 3
    Basic starter kit with concerns

    Posted by Wayne Mac Donald on 10th Sep 2019

    The inventory of the starter kit is not bad at first read. Just what you need for your first 2 player cabinet starter kit. However there are a few concerns. Both joysticks can stick, one worse than the other if two much pressure is applied to the directions (I have already sourced a MAG STIK to replace these), the cables come with one size crimp only but the joysticks and buttons (Blue and green) come with different size terminals for the crimps and finally the 1 & 2 player buttons do not have the same type of terminals that the joystick and other buttons have (I am yet to make these work). The kit was useful for a complete beginner experimenting with control panels and software config without fear of breaking something expensive because the kit i reasonably priced. I PAC works very well but i would not buy this kit again

  • 4
    Review of joystick pack

    Posted by on 16th May 2017

    This pack is complete with everything you need to get going.
    Ipac works well.
    the only gripe I have would be the zippy sticks are not as responsive as I would have hoped for in diag bottom left etc. I think I will upgrade to better sticks soon.
    The buttons are nice and clicky.

    I have no doubt I will be ordering from this company again soon.

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