1 Sample Snip Of 5/8 Inch (15.9mm) T-Molding

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Sample snip of 15.9mm T-Molding - Choose the sample colour from the drop down list. Ideal for those customers who want to colour match for their project and see the colours up close, prior to ordering.

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What is T-Molding?
T-Molding is the plastic trim or edging that can be used to give a nice finish to a wide variety of products, including furniture, boats, arcade machines, slot machines, tables in VW camper vans and more. T-Molding is also commonly referred to as “plastic edging” “t trim” “plastic trim” or “t lining” 

How much T-Molding is required for an upright arcade machine?
Most standard cabinets will require 20ft to cover both front sides (10ft for each side). If you would like to run T-Molding all the way behind your cabinet, you will need approx. 40ft or 13 Metres. It is advisable to measure your cabinet before buying. 

How much T-Molding is required for a cocktail cabinet?
Most standard cocktail cabinets require approx 28ft or 9 Metres.

Is this T-Molding plastic and flexible?
Yes, this T-Molding is plastic and is very flexible. It can bend very easily to go round corners or edges of furniture or arcade machines. 

Do you have different colours and sizes?
Yes - We stock T-Molding in a wide variety of colours and sizes.

How do I install T-Molding?
To install T-Molding, you will need a slot cutter. Once you have cut the slot in your wood, you should be able to knock the T-Molding in with a soft faced hammer or rubber mallet. It is always advisable to practice cutting the correct slot size on an offcut of wood before you start your project to ensure a tight fit. If the slot has been cut at the correct depth, the T-Molding should be a nice tight fit; however a small bead of glue can also be used in the slot to ensure a more permanent fix.

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