QANBA Stock Update & New Products

QANBA Stock Update & New Products

24th Jun 2021

QANBA Fight Sticks

Our QANBA stock is due to arrive in to us on Saturday 26th June. We will begin to ship all pre-orders from Monday 28th June onwards.

QANBA products being restocked:

  • Q3 Obsidian (Limited quantity remaining)
  • Tekken Obsidian
  • E-Sport Pro Obsidian
  • Q5 Dragon
  • Q2 Crystal
  • N2 Drone
  • Q1 Wired/Wireless
  • N1 Black
  • Q4RAF 2-In-1
  • QANBA 30mm buttons
  • QANBA 24mm buttons
  • Shaft extenders
  • Bat top handles (New colour available next week)
  • Round restrictors
  • Octagonal restrictors
  • Hitbox panels
  • Clear plexi
  • Screen magnifiers

New Products

We have recently added some new products to the website.

New Products:

QANBA Q3 Pearl
QANBA Grease - 1ml Syringe
QANBA Shield Backpack

Ultimarc J-Stik Joysticks (Similar to the Sanwa JLW)
- Ball Top Version
- Bat Top Version

LED T-Molding Housing & Accessories

Future products - Coming soon!

Empty Hitbox Cases

Artwork for our range of flat pack kits